maandag 20 april 2015

Every Inchie Monday - 20 april 2015

11 opmerkingen:

WendyK zei

Great idea, saved drawing the other seven. Lovely colours as well.

trompke zei

Een van de acht. Erg leuk!

Zoe Brener zei

Love the angle you took with this one. So elegant....... and that's not a word one normally associates with octopus.

Kia zei

great idea to concentrate on the suckers on one arm. well done.

sally zei

Ooh, suckers! Clever :-)


hungrycorgistudio zei

We were both interested by the tentacles and suckers. It's a beautifully detailed inchie.

J L Johnson zei

Great inchie, the tentacle looks very real.

chrissies zei

Wonderful idea for your inchie

Love Chrissie xx

freebird7100 zei

Love the detail in your inchie

Jean Chaney zei

I love how you focused in on this one. Different and fun!

cstocks zei

Groot kleur en patronen. Hebben een schitterende dag! c