maandag 14 december 2015

Every Inchie Monday - 14 december 2015

12 opmerkingen:

Jolande zei

Ja dat is een echte locomotief!

Kia zei

great locomotive - so well drawn and shaded - is that watercolour?

Margriet zei

Thank you Kia, yes it's watercolour.

Jean Chaney zei

This is just an adorable locomotive!

Beverly G zei

Wow, such detail and you didn't even fill the whole Inchie.

freebird7100 zei

Great work

sally zei

That's an amazing locomotive:-)


cstocks zei

Awesome, Margriet! Have a brilliant day! c

chrissie zei

Wonderful loco inchie

Love Chrissie xx

MySpecialist zei

So beautifully drawn. 2 more to go and I will see your whole collection of inchies :)

Ann zei

Lovely locomotive! :)

WendyK zei

Very well drawn, a great inchie.